Carrie Cavalier has specialized in photographing people professionally for over 30 years.

Her chameleon-like ability (hence the picture on her logo) to create works of art including photographs for National Geographic to headshots of celebrities such as David Hasselhoff and Ellen DeGeneres attest to her superb skill in getting the shot that both flatters and reveals.

Carrie’s clients have appeared not only in major motions pictures, but in commercials for Gatorade, Budweiser, Miller, Mattel, Federal Express, Citibank, AT&T, Toyota, Ford, Honey Nut Cheerios, McDonald’s. and Toys R Us.

Her artistic goal is to create a portrait that “dances off the page whether it is a formal portrait of your child or an intimate moment at your wedding. The way I get these shots is by taking the time to plan the portrait session or the wedding day activities with my clients. Excellence in photography is the result of a careful collaboration between photographer and subjects. Your beautiful portrait will be a treasure as unique and authentic as you and your loved ones.”

Whether photographing infants, children, families, weddings or Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Carrie’s artistic sensitivity shines through in every picture she takes.

You can’t get the work without the right pictures. Start YOUR path as an A-Lister NOW!

O: 818-840-9148 C: 818-389-5805